When it Comes to Maternity Care, You’re the One in Charge

Posted by : maternitycareclinicblog July 3, 2021

You’ve just received a positive pregnancy test result. Once the excitement has worn off, one of the first calls most women make is to their family physician or obstetrician [...]

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Getting Ready for Baby Starts with Choosing the Right Maternity Clinic

Posted by : maternitycareclinicblog June 3, 2021

There is no doubt, preparing for childbirth entails making countless decisions, both large and small. However, one of the first choices you make, deciding on a maternity clinic, can [...]

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4 Ways a Maternity Care Clinic Helps prepare you for Delivery

Posted by : maternitycareclinicblog April 5, 2021

Prenatal care is a vital part of a healthy pregnancy, but it also plays an equally important role in preparing women for labour and delivery. The primary focus of [...]

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A Maternity Clinic Calgary for Outstanding Maternity Care

Posted by : maternitycareclinicblog January 11, 2021

Congratulations on being pregnant. It may be your first time, it may not, but it is a special time for sure. This year has made everything we do a [...]

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Mistakes First-Time Moms Make that They Wish They Could Change

Posted by : maternitycareclinicblog December 14, 2020

We all have at least a few slip-ups when learning something new, and learning how to be a parent is no different. Despite the hundreds of instruction manuals and [...]

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