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Getting Ready for Baby Starts with Choosing the Right Maternity Clinic

Posted by : maternitycareclinicblog June 3, 2021

There is no doubt, preparing for childbirth entails making countless decisions, both large and small. However, one of the first choices you make, deciding on a maternity clinic, can help make all the decisions that follow a little easier, by giving you a professional you can lean on for advice and guidance.

But how do you choose the right maternity clinic?

You can begin your search close to home; ask for referrals from other parents, friends, or family. You can also search online for local resources, read reviews, and visit near by maternity clinics to get a feel for the place – you will be visiting often, so chose a clinic that is easy to get to!

You can also base your decision on the hospital where you prefer to deliver. People typically chose the closest hospital, but if you have more than one option, taking a tour of the delivery ward could and seeing the rooms could help you decide. You’ll then be able to narrow down your maternity clinic possibilities to those who deliver at that hospital.

Ultimately, you should choose the maternity clinic where you feel the most comfortable. Throughout your pregnancy, you will be visiting the maternity clinic very regularly – once a month during the first trimester, bi-weekly during your third, and weekly after 36 weeks. Your maternity care clinic should be somewhere you feel relaxed; appointments should not feel rushed, and the atmosphere should be warm and inviting, not clinical and sterile.

Preparing for childbirth and what comes after

Once you have chosen the right maternity clinic, they become an invaluable resource in helping you manage your pregnancy, prepare for delivery, and learn all about what to expect after the baby comes home.

In addition to providing essential guidance on caring for yourself and your growing baby during your pregnancy, your maternity clinic can help you prepare for what happens before and during childbirth. You may want to ask your maternity care provider about issues such as:

  • What to bring with you to the hospital
  • Who will be present in the delivery room
  • What stage of labour should you leave for the hospital, and who do you inform
  • What are your options with regards to pain relief
  • How mobile will you be able to be during labour
  • What types of medical interventions are possible, what your rights are, and in what circumstances they are deemed necessary
  • Securing a private room versus a shared hospital room
  • How long you may have to stay in the hospital after delivering

After the birth, you may have other questions that your maternity clinic can help you with, like:

  • Skin to skin contact immediately after delivering
  • What happens with the umbilical cord
  • Where will your baby be, and what will the doctors be looking out for
  • Support you can expect for hospital staff
  • Receiving visitors
  • Whether your partner will be able to stay overnight
  • Breastfeeding a new baby and resources that can help if there are problems
  • Options for pain relief
  • What you need to do before taking baby home

Partnering with the right maternity clinic can make all the difference with your pregnancy and delivery experience. When choosing the best clinic, carefully weigh your options and go with your instincts; they are usually right.