Prenatal Care Services

Prenatal care services to keep you and your baby healthy during pregnancy

Posted by : maternitycareclinicblog December 29, 2020

Have a baby can be one of the most joyous moments of your life. Not only will your little bundle of joy need all the love and care once it is born, with feedings and diapers, but there is a lot of prenatal care that needs to be addressed before the baby is born as well.

This is where prenatal care clinics and prenatal care services are essential. Being a parent is a learning experience and having help along the way from professionals who specialize in all things pregnancy and baby-related is a valuable resource for all parents.

Prenatal care is important to help ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy for both the mother and developing baby. By monitoring your health and following advice for healthy pregnancy habits, you provide the best environment for the growing baby, minimizing the chances of ailments, developmental issues, low birth weight, and pregnancy complications

When to visit a prenatal care clinic?

Generally, prenatal care often begins before the baby is even conceived. By starting your care early, you can help create a nourishing environment for conception. However, even if you are already pregnant, it is always a good time to begin prenatal care services.

Some main factors that are monitored throughout your pregnancy include:

Identifying pre-existing health concerns that could affect the pregnancy

Monitoring for common potential complications, such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure

Discussing substance addiction or substance use during pregnancy

Assessing current medications being taken to ensure that they are safe during pregnancy

Recommend supplements and vitamins to help support a healthy pregnancy

Check on the baby’s development and heart rate

How often should you visit the prenatal care clinic?

For the first 6 months of pregnancy it is best to visit your doctor every 4 weeks. During the 7th and 8th month, it is ideal to visit the doctor every 2-3 weeks and during your final month of pregnancy, a doctor’s appointment should be made every 1-2 weeks.

Your and your baby’s safety and wellbeing should always take priority during pregnancy and regular visits to a prenatal care clinic are a great way to remain updated and safe throughout the pregnancy. Give your baby the best start at life by ensuring a nourishing environment for growth and development so that it he or she is ready to take on the world!