Wondering Where to Give Birth

Read This if You are Wondering Where to Give Birth

Posted by : maternitycareclinicblog May 5, 2021

There are a lot of options available to woman in Canada for where they can give birth, and who assists them. These options include home births, hospitals, and birth centers. While all three options are used by many women, finding the best option is personal, and relies on factors such as health and location.

Many of us, when thinking of giving birth, imagine a hospital, as they are now the primary health facility used across Canada. If you are wondering where to give birth, discuss with your maternity clinic what option is right for you.

While women with no health conditions or concerns can have a home birth that is as safe as a hospital birth, according to the Association of Ontario Midwives, high-risk pregnancies should be planned to be at a medical facility, such as a hospital, although health professionals from  your maternity clinic can be there to assist you. Many maternity clinics have a staff of experienced doctors who deliver at a hospital, ensuring you and your baby’s safety and care.

Being at a hospital for your birth is the option that makes a lot of mothers feel the safest. If there is a risk of any complications, being at a hospital is the safest option. Emergency personnel and trained medical professionals will have access to the needed equipment, medicine and technology needed in an emergency. For woman who require a caesarian section, having a hospital birth is necessary.

If you have already planned to give birth at a hospital, the rush of a last minute transfer from home or a birth centre, which can be stressful for the mother and the baby, is eliminated. Should the newborn need medical attention, pediatric care is immediately available at a hospital, and will be available 24/7 for the duration of the hospital stay.

While some women want a home birth so that they can be more comfortable, talk to your maternity clinic about what options are available for you. Some work out of or with a hospital and will be able to provide a private room.

The benefits of a maternity care clinic do not stop after birth. Generally, the postpartum period starts after you give birth, and for up to six weeks after. Generally, mothers stay in hospital for 24 hours after a vaginal birth, and between 48 to 72 hours after a caesarian section.  Any health issues or concerns can alter the length of the stay.

While maternity clinics often monitor for any postpartum concerns in the first 6 weeks after delivery, your family doctor will be responsible for the care of you and your baby beyond that time. It is recommended that you take your newborn to see your family doctor within the first two months after birth.

While there are benefits and setbacks to any location where you choose to give birth, the best option is the one you decide on with your healthcare professional.

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