Covid-19 Notice

Covid-19 Notice

COVID-19 Pandemic Special Notice

During this time, our number one concern is keeping both you and your baby safe.  We are working hard to provide ongoing care in a way that limits any potential exposure to the Coronavirus.

We have implemented the following changes at the Maternity Care clinic in an effort to keep you safe:

  • We have always cleaned our rooms thoroughly between patient visits but are taking extra care to reduce items in the room and ensure all surfaces are adequately cleaned between patients.
  • We have spaced appointments to avoid waiting in a crowded waiting room.
  • We are screening all patients on a daily basis, prior to their appointment, to ensure they are at low risk of carrying the Coronavirus into the clinic. This includes asking about symptoms and any exposures to other sick family members you may have had.  If we are concerned that you have symptoms related to COVID-19, you will be directed to call 811 and a care plan will be developed.
  • We are asking that all patients wear a cloth mask or face covering to the office if possible.
  • Except in special circumstances, we are asking that partners and children do not enter the clinic with you at this time, as it makes social distancing difficult.

We have started using telephone calls to replace some of your regular visits if we feel this is a safe option for you in this pregnancy.  We will let you know at the end of each visit if you need to book a telephone visit as an option.

Hospital Safety

We are seeing changes in hospital policy and procedures on a regular basis and will do our best to update this page with the most current information available.  At this time, everyone entering the hospital will undergo Coronavirus screening at the entrance.  You will see nurses greeting people in full protective equipment and be asked to complete a short questionnaire and possibly have your temperature taken.  You may be asked to put on a mask at that time.

Once you are being seen in triage (the entry to labor and delivery), both you and your partner will be asked to wear a mask continuously.

At this time, you are allowed to have one support person with you for triage and labor and delivery and this person will not be allowed to change or swap out.  We are encouraging you to bring with you only items that you need to reduce the number of belongings in the hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I protect myself from COVID 19?
  • We are encouraging pregnant women and their partners to socially isolate as much as possible beyond 37 weeks. This is to try to ensure that you are not sick at the time of your delivery.  We realize this will not be possible for all families if someone is working outside of the home.
  • Socially distance during your pregnancy and stay home as much as possible. It is safe to go outside for walks, but remain socially distanced by 2m or wear a mask in situations where you cannot maintain this distance.
  • Wash your hands. Wash your hands.  Wash them again.  This is likely the most important way to prevent all illness and especially COVID-19
  • Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes with unwashed hands
  • Avoid contact with sick people
  • Clean the surfaces in your home that are used/touched frequently, such as door handles and counter tops
  1. Is it safe for me to have my blood work or ultrasound done?
  • Health care facilities are working hard to protect you and ensuring that your risk of contracting COVID-19 by attending a routine appointment is extremely low.  Remember, wear a cloth face covering and wash your hands regularly.
  1. What do I do if I think I may have COVID-19?
  1. Where can I find trusted information about COVID-19 in Calgary?