Postpartum Care Services

Postpartum Care Services Calgary

The postpartum period starts after you have your baby and is generally considered to last for 6 weeks, although it is important to recognize that full recovery most often takes longer.

In hospital, you will be transferred to a new room on our postpartum unit after having your baby. There are both private and shared rooms. Private rooms have an extra fee associated and you will receive a bill for the extra cost.

You can expect to stay for approximately 24 hours following a vaginal delivery and between 48 and 72 hours after a cesarean section. Please note that these are simply estimates, as any issues that arise throughout the delivery process or postpartum period may extend your or the baby’s stay in the hospital.

The Maternity Care Clinic will follow you for any pregnancy related concerns in the first 6 weeks after your delivery.

For any breastfeeding concerns, we encourage you to call any of the breastfeeding clinics for support, links are included on that page.

Your family doctor will be responsible for the care of your baby and we ask that you make an appointment to see your doctor with your baby within the first week of your baby’s life.

A public health nurse will also see your baby within the first 24 hours after you are discharged from hospital.