Labour and Delivery

Our doctors deliver at the Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary. There is always a doctor on call from our clinic to see you at the hospital.

What to expect on labour and delivery?

At any point during your pregnancy, if you believe you may be in labour, you will come to the labour and delivery unit on the 3rd floor of the Peter Lougheed hospital. You will be seen and assessed by one of our physicians in our triage unit and a decision will be made about whether or not it is time for you to be admitted to have your baby.
On labour and delivery you can expect:

  • A private room with space for your support person(s)
  • Each labour room has a private bathroom with a shower
  • One on one nursing care with a registered nurse. Your nurse will change roughly every 12 hours
  • A Maternity Care Clinic physician is always on call and in hospital to provide your care
  • Once you have had your baby and we have ensured that there are no complications for you or the baby, you will be transferred to a new room on our postpartum unit.
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