Our Services

What we offer

We offer full scope prenatal care to women from the early stages of pregnancy through 6 weeks after the delivery of your baby. We are available to see you starting at any point during your pregnancy, but typically your family doctor will transfer your care to us between 20-24 weeks.

Your family doctor is an important part of your ongoing care and should see you for any non-pregnancy related concerns. Your family doctor will also be following your baby after birth for regular health check-ups.

We have a doctor on call at the Peter Lougheed Centre 24 hours a day for any emergent concerns and you are always welcome to call our clinic and speak to our nurse during office hours. One of our doctors will be at the PLC to deliver your baby when the time comes.


Initial visit – This visit takes approximately one hour. You will meet our nurse as well as one of our doctors. We review your chart and your history as well as all of your labs and ultrasounds. We go through individual any questions or concerns you may have and discuss further labs and ultrasound testing that might be recommended.

Weeks 0-30 – Visits are generally scheduled every 4 weeks

Weeks 30-35 – Visits are every 2 weeks

After 35 weeks – Weekly visits


We deliver out of the newly renovated Peter Lougheed Hospital. One of our doctors is on call at the hospital 24 hours a day to take care of you. Pregnant women with any urgent pregnancy concerns should present directly to labour and delivery at the Peter Lougheed Centre if you are greater than 12 weeks pregnant. Prior to 12 weeks you will be seen in the main emergency room for any urgent health concerns. Please visit www.birthandbabies.com to take a virtual tour of our centre.


Typically, after a vaginal delivery you will stay in hospital for 24 hours, longer if you have a more complicated delivery. Women usually stay for 2-3 days after a cesarean section and will be followed by an Obstetrician while in hospital.

If everything is going smoothly after you are discharged from the hospital, we would like you to make an appointment for 6 weeks after your delivery, preferably with the doctor who was there at your delivery. If you have ANY concerns related to your pregnancy or delivery in the meantime, please call our clinic to book an appointment. We are happy to see you for any pregnancy related concerns for the first 6 weeks following your delivery and then we will transfer your care back to your family doctor.

Your family doctor will care for your baby during this time period and it will be important for you to make an appointment for them to see your baby within the first week after your delivery.


In hospital we do our best to support early breastfeeding within the first hour after birth. The nurses will support you with breastfeeding in the delivery and postpartum units and if you are encountering any difficulties, we have lactation consultants in hospital to support.

Dr. Chapman provides full breastfeeding support after discharge through her clinic called Well Fed, and more information can be found at www.wellfedclinic.com.

Drs. Hicks, Labrie, and Torriero provide breastfeeding support through their Airdrie clinic location, called Nest Maternity, and can be found at www.nestmaternity.ca.